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VendSwift Machine!

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If you’re good at something, never do it for free. Earn VendSwift reward ?points for satisfying that ravenous ?thirst of yours, and cash in ?for more delicious beverages!


Stay on your toes for special discounted drinks during Happy Hours and other promotions. Keep an eye out for the blue star icon inside the VendSwift app.


Are you wearing suspenders to deal with all that extra loose change in your pockets? No more! Send your order wirelessly to the VendSwift machine, and collect when you arrive.

Not all vending machines are created equal, but fear not! The VendSwift app allows you to discover nearby VendSwift machines with a handy location pin.

VendSwift reward points are worth their weight in gold! True they don’t weigh anything, but they can still be exchanged for refreshing drinks at your local VendSwift machine.